MEG INDUSTRYNaval and industrial commissioning

MEG Industry is a leading company in the sector of Commissioning services. Thanks to a specialized team of over 30 people we can provide all the activities of system performances evaluation, calibration, balancing and plant certification. The proposed activities are performed using the best certified instruments to ensure high result performances.

Our main commissioning services are HVAC, CHW, Oil, Chlorination, Air Conditioning

Our certified tools


Airflow TSI mod. 620/621

Micromanometer that measures the pressure and calculates speed and volumetric flow rate. It can be used with pilot tubes to measure the speed and then calculate the flow rates with dimensions and shape of the duct provided by the user input.


Airflow TSI mod. PH 721

Multi-purpose electronic instrument balancing for reading the air volume flow to the spreaders, linear grids and slots. Specifically created to guarantee healthy environments and energy efficiency.


Airflow TSI mod. PH 721

Rotating vane anemometer that provides accurate and reliable readings everytime. Ideal for the set up of grille HVAC systems, filters and kitchen fumes.

Ultrasonic Flowmeter

The transit time meter uses two ultrasonic transducers that are stuck outside a closed device (tube) to a specific distance. With this system we can determine the time difference between the two points obtaining the flow velocity and its volume

Flowmeter (Oventrop, Caleffi o TA)

It is a balancing tool for pressure differential measurement, flow, temperature and power of hydronic systems. It allows a quick resolution of problems, the software allows the automatic drafting of intervention reports.

Micrometer Airflow

TSI mod. TA 486

Portable multifunction thermal anemometer. They are designed to measure air speed, the differential pressure, the temperature and humidity. The calculations include air flow, the bulb wet, the dew point and the turbulence.

MEG INDUSTRYYacht & Cruise hydraulic systems

MEG Industry offers a complete range of hydraulic moving systems. All our installations can be supplied “Turnkey” complete with power units and electronic controllers using the listed materials and the Customer’s technical specifications.

MEG Industry systems find application in the Cruise and Yacht sector.

Shell doors


Power units

Tender lifts

 Moving platforms

Garage doors


MEG INDUSTRYIndustrial plants

MEG Industry designs, builds and installs special industrial systems that are often designed to operate in critical environments.

MEG INDUSTRYOn-site services

The customer service is the strength of MEG Industry, we are able to follow the plants, whether they are our own production or produced by third parties, even after they have started.

We provide support through medium and long term contracts for:

  • Technical inspections
  • Ordinary and extraordinary maintenance
  • Refitting
  • Refurbishment
  • Upgrade
  • En-voyage intervention
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