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Born in 2000 by the founders of FIDEMA Progetti, MEG Industry deals with commissioning in the naval sector, civil and industrial employing more than 30 people in the various active yards.
The engineering department of MEG Industry is specialized in planning and realization of hydraulic moving systems that can be installed both in the marine sector (cruise, yachting, commercial units) and in the industrial sector.

MEG INDUSTRYTailored to your needs

The production of MEG Industry is almost totally represented by customized products according to technical specifications assigned by the customer that finds in MEG Industry the ideal partner for new projects or for existing products or installations renewal.

In 2016 MEG Industry took over the activities of the historical company Pressmair of Finale Emilia acquiring all its know-how and production systems thus having the possibility to expand its offer in the field of hydraulics for the yacht and mega-yacht sector.

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POR FESR 2014 – 2020 Project

MEG Industry is part of the POR FESR 2014 – 2020 project, Opportunities for sustainable growth.
PROJECT TITLE: Implementation of 3D printing infrastructure to increase productivity
DESCRIPTION: Project for investments aimed at the use of a very modern construction practice and the implementation of a new ICT system of management and organization, integrated also with the other companies of the group and towards the external supply chain. To better interface and communicate with the new SAM-ERP2 system and with the individual WEB portals of specific business functions, the Company will also be equipped with a new WEB portal of appropriate characteristics.
OBJECTIVE: increasing the potential of 3D modeling with cast deposition, implementation of products and services for customers.
Expansion and strengthening of the ICT system of management and integrated organization. Provision of the latest version of the SAM-ERP2 software and new web portal for interaction between company functions and third parties, Customers and Suppliers.
RESULTS: the company is now able to adequately respond to market demands for 3D prints with an increase and improvement of production activities. The company is now equipped with advanced ITC systems that allow it to manage a greater number of activities to the advantage of competitiveness. The company is now equipped with the new version of the SAM-ERP2 management software.
FINANCED LOAN: € 91.392,00
BENEFICIARY: Meg Industry srl

Quality System

Meg Industry has developed a certified quality system in accordance with the requirements of the ISO 9001: 2015 SINCERT standard, for all the activities of:

  • Design in the naval and industrial sector
  • Commissioning on industrial and naval plants
  • Design and production of mechanical, pneumatic and hydraulic components
  • Provision of 3D printing service
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