AISI 316L Gas springs

The gas spring is made up of a perfectly sealed, pressurized casing in which a stem can slide with alternating motion; a retainer is fixed on the stem (pseudo – piston) which has the purpose of preventing the stem from coming out from the casing when it is subjected to the gas pressure. The force produced by the gas spring is the resulting one from the thrust of the pre-load pressure on the stem section. The gas spring performs always the total theoretical run, if it does not meet mechanical stops before it.
A version with built-in mechanical lock is also available.

molle a gas a trazione

Tension gas springs

The tension gas springs in AISI 316L are based on the opposite functional principle to the compression ones, they are mostly used in places where there is no space for traditional compression springs; this type of gas spring is applied for opening such as hatches, windows, shelves, opening downwards. The choice of AISI 316 L stainless steel is given to satisfy those sectors such as the food and pharmaceutical industries and naval, in which the work environment is characterized by the use of particularly aggressive substances and liquids (such as salty water).
As for the compression gas springs, both the stroke and the charge can be customized according to customer use.

valvole e elettrovalvole

Valves and solenoid valves

We design and produce valves and solenoid valves in AISI 316L stainless steel both manual and mechanical, solenoid valves and flow regulators. They are particularly appreciated in the oil & gas, maritime and food & beverage sectors.
Available: EVAX Series, NAMUR Series, Control Valves, EVA Series (aluminum).



We design and produce AISI 316L stainless steel cylinders of various bores and stroke, whether single or double acting.

All cylinders can be equipped with a wide range of hinges and fittings.

Available: ISO VDMA 6432 – Series CU-MX, ISO VDMA 6431 – Series CSX, ISO 6431 – Series
CVX, CEAX Series, CBX-T Series, ISO 6431 – Aluminum Series

Hammering Cylinders

The hammer cylinder consists of a double-acting cylinder, controlled by a special automatic valve which transmits vibrations of adjustable frequency to the equipment.
It is mainly used on hoppers, goods moving systems and weighing systems.

componenti su misura

Customized components

The engineering department of MEG Industry offers the possibility of designing customized elements
in different materials. Also thanks to the collaboration with the 3d Additive Manufacturing department
we can make customized products for both large and small series.

sistemi di chiusura oleodinamici

Hydraulic docking systems

Series of hydraulic locking and closing systems in various bores and strokes equipped with blocking valve and limit switches. Particularly used in the marine environment for doors closing or locking in general.

Cilindri oleodinamici

Hydraulic Cylinders

We design and manufacture hydraulic cylinders of different bore and stroke complete with overcenter valves and sensors.

Rotary actuators

The rotary actuator transforms the linear motion of a piston into a rotary motion with a twisting moment. It is possible to obtain rotation angles between 90 ° and 270 °, the available rang of bores runs from 50mm to 125mm.

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