SLS Materials 

The Systems ProX SLS 6100 3D is a high productivity machine, ideal for the creation of aesthetic and functional prototypes and for series production. It produces components with complex lattice structures, homogeneous surface finishes, excellent resolution and definition of the edges.
With its range of high-performance materials creates robust and durable elements with uniform properties, to meet the needs of multiple production sectors. The printing volume is L 381 x W 330 x H 460 mm, it manufactures finished components and parts suitable for additional surface finishing treatments.

DuraForm ProX PA: White coloured PA 12 ideal for series production and prototyping, this versatile material is suitable for a wide range of aesthetical and functional applications. It has superior mechanical properties and excellent surface smoothness, long term dimensional end mechanical stability, high elongation and high impact strength along with chemical resistance. Food grade certified, meets the requirements of Biological evaluation for medical devices (ISO 10993-5/10).

DuraForm ProX EX BLK: PA11 with superior impact, fatigue, elongation and chemical resistance, perfect for applications in harsh environments. it produces complex parts with comparable resistance to ABS and injection-molded polypropylene.

DuraForm ProX AF+: Grey metallic appearance PA 12 filled with Aluminium, with high rigidity and high temperature resistance, excellent surface finish with repeatable mechanical properties. Ideal for applications where metallic appearance and rigidity are required, suitable for functional and aesthetic applications.

DuraForm ProX GF: PA 12 glass filled with outstanding stiffness, excellent surface finish, friction and temperature resistance.

DuraForm ProX HST: An engineering fiber-reinforced PA12 that produces rigid parts for applications where high temperatures resistance is required.

MJF Materials 

The HP 4200 Multi Jet Fusion 3D provides high productivity with reduced times, suitable for prototyping and series production. It uses the HP’s developed technology performing a selective dosage of melting and detail agents, the powder is then selectively melted with highly delineated geometries. With a printing area of ​​L 380 x W 284 x H 380 mm it produces pieces with ultra-thin layers, high quality and smooth surfaces. It is ideal for production of component with complex and robust structures, along with high isotropy.

HP 3DR PA 12: Versatile gray thermoplastic polyamide (PA)12 that produces robust prototype and final parts, with high density and low porosity. Excellent mechanical properties with chemical resistance to oils and fats.

HP 3DR PA 11: Polyamide (PA) 11 for the production of ductile components with excellent mechanical properties and chemical resistance, it stands out for its high impact resistance and elongation at break.

HP 3DR PA 12 GB: PA 12 that is 40% glass-filled to improve product stiffness and structural integrity. Versatile material to produce components with reduced warping during the printing process and over the product’s life, along with optimal mechanical properties, high rigidity and excellent surface quality.

FDM Materials 

The Stratasys Fortus 380mc FDM printer produces parts with superior mechanical properties and precision, which make it suitable for the manufacture of prototype and production tools. With a wide availability of high-performance thermoplastic materials, also used in traditional production processes, it allows the production of parts resistant to high stresses and production environments. It has a printing area of ​​L 355x D 305x H 305 mm and thickness of the variable layers, it creates monolithic pieces and parts that can be assembled and subjected to surface finishing treatments. It uses easily removable soluble support materials, even in parts with small cavities and complex geometries.

ASA: Production grade material that gives superb functional and aesthetic results with FDM technology. It has excellent mechanical properties as well as combining thermal and chemical resistance. The UV stability and resistance against saline mists, make it also suitable for durable outdoor application.

PC (polycarbonate): Engineering thermoplastic that offers accuracy, durability and long-term stability. It produces strong parts that withstands functional testing. It offers superior mechanical properties with excellent thermal resistance, high tensile and flexural strength.

PC ISO: Biocompatible and strong Polycarbonate with excellent mechanical properties, high tensile strength and thermal resistance. Can be sterilized with gamma rays and EtO and complies with the ISO 10993 and USP Class VI standards, used in the food and drugs packaging and medical device manufacturing.

FDM Nylon 12: Stable thermoplastic that combines high fatigue properties with strong friction and chemicals resistance. It is ideal to produce repetitive closures, snap-fit closures and vibration-resistant parts.

ABS-ESD7: Durable ABS with excellent static dissipative properties, for applications where the accumulation of static charge could cause explosions, impair performance or damage products. Ideal for prototypes and electronic products with circuit boards, other applications include industrial tools and parts in contact with fuels.

ABS-M30: Production thermoplastic that is 25-70% sturdier than standard ABS material for the production of durable components. The stronger layer bounding leads to the production of parts with smoother surfaces and finer details quality. Ideal applications include, concept modelling, end-use components, manufacturing tool and realistic functional testes.

ABS-M30i: This material offers the same features of ABS-M30 in terms of durability, high strength and high-quality details. Furthermore, the ABS-M30i is biocompatible, can be sterilized and complies with the ISO 10993 standards. It is ideal for application in food and drug packaging and the medical devices industry.

PC-ABS: Technical thermoplastic that combines the flexibility of ABS with the strength and thermal resistance of polycarbonate, additionally presents an excellent surface definition. To create conceptual models, prototypes, tools and production parts, commonly used for automotive, electronics and telecommunication applications.

DLP Materials

The Systems Figure 4 Standalone 3D works DLP technology, suitable for rapid prototyping and series production with quality and accuracy along with industrial-grade durability. It is a high productivity, fast and versatile printer with a wide availability of materials, responding to multiple application needs. It manufactures durable parts with precision and repeatability and can replace traditional molding and casting processes. With a printing volume of L 124.8 x W 70.2 x H 196 mm, it has a higher yield than other printing systems and produces prototypes and final parts with fast completion times and low costs

HITEMP 300-AMB Amber coloured, rigid and translucent production-grade material that is high temperature resistant. With heat deflection temperature over 300°, is ideal for high temperature components testing. Additionally the semi-transparency allows the visualization of the internal parts and fluids flow.

FLEX-BLK 20 Flexible and durable black plastic, resistant to fatigue and shocks with a PP-like appearance and consistency. It has excellent mechanical properties and produces parts with high accuracy. Ideal for application in the automotive sector, manufacture of electronic components, assemblies and production parts.

RUBBER-BLK 10 Malleable material with hard rubber appearance and high wear resistance, has an exceptional surface finish and long-term stability. Suitable for soft touch applications and production of slow rebound components.

MED-AMB 10 Translucent rigid material for designed for industrial and medical applications where biocompatibility, thermal resistance and visualization of the internal fluid flow are required. Meets ISO 10993 standards for biocompatibility and can be sterilizable by autoclave..

MED-WHT 10 Rigid white material that is biocompatible and meets the ISO 10993 standards. It is high temperatures resistant and suitable for industrial and medical applications. Can be sterilized by autoclave and offers excellent resistance to humidity. Produce smooth, accurate and detail-defined surfaces.

TOUGH-BLK 20 Strong black material, with resistance similar to injection-molded ABS. It has long-term environmental stability in indoor and outdoor applications. The mechanical properties, color, opacity and dimensions do not change over time, when exposure to sunlight. Produces high precision components, with smooth surfaces and superior outline quality.

EGGSHELL-AMB 10 A process-optimized material for the production of sacrificial tooling for casting true silicone components. This material is designed to resist the injection of liquid silicone at high temperature and pressure, with an intentional fragility it easily breaks after the filling and cooling of the mold. Its transparency allows the visualization of the injected silicone.

4 FLEX-BLK 10: Resistant and flexible black material, that produces parts with the appearance of molded polypropylene. With an excellent elongation at break and high impact resistance, it combines flexibility and precision. Ideal for the automotive sector, functional prototypes, consumer goods and electronic components

TOUGH-GRY 10: Dark gray material with high durability and strength. It produces rigid and resistant components with mechanical properties stable over time, that can paint and plated. These properties, along with a high elongation at break and excellent resistance to humidity, make it suitable for a wide range of applications.

TOUGH-GRY 15: Designed to offer high stability and strength for manufacturing applications. The convenient price allows the production of final parts with lower costs than those of traditional methods. This matte gray material is durable and allows the production of extremely precise components, preserving productivity and convenience.

ELAST-BLK 10: Black rubber-like elastomeric material for design and test applications. With shorted production time compared to injection molding, it allows to rapidly produce functional rubber-like prototypes, suitable for industrial and consumer goods applications.

PRO-BLK 10: Rigid, heat-resistant black material with excellent mechanical properties and long-term environmental stability. A versatile material for the direct manufacture, without molds, of small plastic parts. For high precision components with an excellent surface finish. Perfect choice to realize automotive interior and general components.

JCAST-GRN 10: Designed for applications in the jewelry sector, quickly produces master patterns for gypsum investment casting. This high contrast green material easily melts, with minimal ashes and residues production. It realizes highly detailed models for a wide range of precious metals.