Basic – Design

Conceptual and feasibility studies

Dimension optimization

Preliminary technical specification

Ship technical specification

SRTP feasibility studies

General arrangement plan

Capacity plan

Ship weight evaluation

Wheelhouse visibility

Tonnage calculations

Equipment number calculations

Navigation lights arrangement

Preliminary stability calculations

Resistance and power prediction

Engine room arrangement

Structural general arrangement

Software: AVEVA Marine, ANSYS Space Claim, Solidworks, Nuovo Scafo

Functional Engineering

•Hull classification drawings according to class. societies rules with structural analysis

• Piping & Instruments Diagrams according to class societies rules

• SRTP Assessment

• Pipes pressure loss calculations and head pressure pumps check

• Pipes transient analysis (Water hammer, Cavitation pockets …)

• HVAC diagrams including thermal and pressure loss calculations

• Ship’s safety plans (LSA, Fire plan, Escape plan …)

Software: Bentley plantspasce Design Series V8XM, Bentley Microstation V8XM

Structural Engineering 

• Outfitting design including main, fwd and aft masts, hatches, supports and equipment foundations

• Machineries and equipments foundations

• Hull sections and blocks Lifting plans

• Hull blocks workshop drawings

• Machineries and equipments foundations workshop drawings

• HVAC Racks workshop drawings

• FWD, main and AFT masts, hatches, supports and equipment foundations

Software: Nuovo Scafo, Bentley Microstation V8XM, Solid Works, AutoCAD

FEM Analysis

• Static and dynamic structural analysis

• Buckling analysis

• Fatigue analysis

• Modal analysis

• Dynamic simulations of rigid bodies

• Multi-material simulations

• Parametric simulations

Software: ANSYS Mechanical Premium. ANSYS SpaceClaim Direct Modeler

CFD Analysis

• Resistance to motion

• Lift

• Losses of load

• Particle traking

Software: OpenFOAM

Stability Calculations

• Inclining test report

• Intact stability booklet

• Damage stability booklet

Software: AVEVA Marine Initial Design

Coordination Plans

(inside and outside engine room)

• coordination plans

• drawings

• pipe sketching

• material lists

• ducts and pipes cutting list

• machines positioning

Software: Bentley plantspasce Design Series V8XM, Bentley Microstation V8XM


• Pipelines identification

• Pipelines path customization

• Individual elements division

• Materials and accessories list

Software: Bentley Microstation V8XM

Non-destructive Test

• Visual Controls

• Controls with penetrating liquids

• Ultrasound tests

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